I'm thinking to create a server-less backbone for the wellness tracking app we are working on (https://sentimoto.com) with the following main principles:

  • every user generates his own blockchain of his data
  • this blockchain can be shared to a number of users (i.e. users may have access to multiple)

Basically it means that the distributed proof-of-work is not necessary as each user can write only to one (his own) blockchain, but other Ethereum technologies seem to be a good fit.

The questions are:

  • what do you think about the idea?
  • are ethereum technologies appropriate for this project (and state of maturity are they)?
  • is any other project better for this purpose?

Sincerely Max

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  • i think you are not working whith blockchains – Badr Bellaj Dec 18 '16 at 18:14