Hey guys I'm trying to create a social group that has real world and cyber space meet ups.

I wanted the group to each have an edition of a NFT that I create and they get. When at these events how could I verify on the spot that they own the NFT? Would I have them pull up there NFT on there phone and check for something that would be unique? Or is there a process in which I could scan or quickly look up that the NFT belongs to the person?

I see some other sites based around NFT say that it gives you access to their private discord channel. How could I make my NFT have that same capability? Or am I looking at it wrong. Basically when the NFT are distributed I want to know exactly who owns the NFT so that they can get the benefits and I want to know if there is a way they can use there NFT to access a private discord channel that others cant?

I'm very new to this and I am not sure if I am even asking the right questions. So I hope I find some direction.

  • Check the Poap project.
    – Ismael
    Aug 18 at 16:42

The only real way to verify if they own a NFT is to check if they own the public address that owns that NFT (the latter you can check on etherscan).

And to prove they own a certain public address they would have to sign a message (once, and this will cost a gas fee) verifying that they indeed own that address.

For example a very easy way to sign a message is make a tx to yourself of 0ETH. You can even include a HEX message with the tx by using the HEX data functionality of metamask, but this isn't really necessary if you just give them a time window for the 0ETH tx.

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