it looks like my truffle setup is far behind the actual testnet, resulting that I cant deploy anything (getting timeout)

🔢 Code to reproduce


    bsctestnet: {
    provider: () => new HDWalletProvider(mnemonic, `https://data-seed-prebsc-1-s1.binance.org:8545`),
    network_id: 97,
    confirmations: 10,
    timeoutBlocks: 200,
    skipDryRun: true

npx truffle console --network bsctestnet truffle(bsctestnet)> web3.eth.getBlockNumber() 11448934 truffle(bsctestnet)>

The actual block number is: 11556148

Also when I repeat the command its stay the old (11448934). So looks like truffle don't get synced at all.

💻 Environment

Truffle v5.3.12 (core: 5.3.12) Solidity - 0.8.6 (solc-js) Node v14.15.1 Web3.js v1.3.6


Okay found the problem:

Used another endpoint... https://data-seed-prebsc-2-s1.binance.org:8545/

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