Hello i am trying to connect to the ethereum network with etherscan as HTTP provider so users don't have to have a running node but i cant seem to find their provider-URL.

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Not sure if they have a provider available still, but Alchemy is a good alternative.

You just sign up for an account, create an app, and then view key:

how to find Alchemy API key


The provider is still available,

  1. You choose a plan here
  2. Once you have an account on your https://etherscan.io/myapikey you will see the API key menu.
  3. Create one.
  4. To connect with your application you can follow the documentation which includes how to connect to both Etherscan and INFURA.

Basically you just need this line of code: new ethers . providers . EtherscanProvider( [ network = “homestead” ] [ , apiToken ] )

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