when I run my deploy script in console, ContractContainer has the newly deployed contract-address. But when I try to reference that in tests, ContractContainer seems to be empty. What would be the correct way to reference these already-deployed contracts in my tests easily?

For example: Truffle has an DeployedAddresses contract that is available for import in its Solidity testing suite... So I can reference already-deployed contract(-addresses) like this: address contractAddress = DeployedAdresses.ContractName()

For Brownie the somewhat equivalent seems to be the ContractContainer, being filled with ProjectContract objects (upon deployment). When I run my deploy script in console, the ContractContainer is filled and ProjectContract available to the console. Yet, when I try to reference this in my tests, it seems to be empty. Am I missing something?

Is there a way to run tests in the console? Maybe that would be part of the solution for me.

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When you run a development chain (those under the Development section after running brownie networks list), all contracts deployed only live in the instance that the chain is alive, so every time you run a new script, the entire blockchain is scrapped.

You can access deployed contracts on a chain, by referencing their index. Let's say you have a contract named SimpleStorage, you could reference the most recently deploy contract with:

simple_storage = SimpleStorage[-1]

But again, those contracts will have to have been deployed.

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