Brownie v1.15.1 - Python development framework for Ethereum

  File "brownie/_cli/__main__.py", line 64, in main
  File "brownie/_cli/run.py", line 43, in main
  File "brownie/network/main.py", line 40, in connect
    web3.connect(host, active.get("timeout", 30))
  File "brownie/network/web3.py", line 52, in connect
    uri = _expand_environment_vars(uri)
  File "brownie/network/web3.py", line 183, in _expand_environment_vars
    raise ValueError(f"Unable to expand environment variable in host setting: '{uri}'")
ValueError: Unable to expand environment variable in host setting: 'https://rinkeby.infura.io/v3/$WEB3_INFURA_PROJECT_ID'
  • Can you please add what your .env file looks like (WITHOUT having any actual keys), and your brownie-config.yaml as well as the script you ran? Commented Aug 5, 2021 at 16:02
  • this is my broniw-config.yaml, is the same as your code on the NFT/ERC-721/Collectible END-TO-END TUTORIAL | Deploy, List on Opensea, Host Metadata on IPFS reports: exclude_contracts: - SafeMath dependencies: - smartcontractkit/[email protected] - OpenZeppelin/[email protected] compiler: solc: remappings: - '@chainlink=smartcontractkit/[email protected]' - '@openzeppelin=OpenZeppelin/[email protected]' autofetch_sources: dotenv: .env from_key: ${PRIVATE_KEY} from_mnemonic: ${MNEMONIC}
    – Fran ETH
    Commented Aug 5, 2021 at 17:33

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I ran into this issue as well and what worked for me was adding dotenv: .env on the brownie-config.yaml file.


After adding this line to .env file:

export WEB3_INFURA_PROJECT_ID='3fcea.....'

Type in your terminal the following line:


It worked for me :-)

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