I am trying to set up a private ethereum cluster in kubernetes. I have tried to use the stable deprecated helm chart, but it only works with older versions of the ethereum/client-go image. When I use version 1.9 or higher, I see in the bootnode logs the message Note: you're using cmd/bootnode, a developer tool. and the miners cannot connect to the bootnode.

Has anyone managed to make it work?

Also, reading this answer here in a related issue of stack exchange, I have tried to setup the cluster without a helm chart, following the guide described in the official docs of geth ethereum. In this case, I see that the bootnode, tries to connect to other network ids DEBUG[08-04|16:04:45.776] Ethereum handshake failed id=64454cd244abc39a conn=dyndial err="network ID mismatch: 100 (!= 818945082333)".

I have searched all over the internet but cannot find an updated guide. Any help is deeply appreciated.


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