As per my knowledge, RPC connection to a node is quite unsafe. so the alternative is connecting to a node via IPC. But how to connect to node via IPC?
I have used web3 for connecting to node via RPC and interact with my ethereum application. Can I use web3 for connection via IPC also or there is some other library that I need to explore. TIA
I have tried using both web3_extended and web3_ipc.

When I install web3_ipc inside my node project and use
var web3_extended = require('web3_extended'),
I get error Cannot find node module 1web3_extended.

When I install either web3_extended or both web3_extended and web3_ipc , then at run time I get error like

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.<br>

I think only installation of web3_ipc will be sufficient but as per documentation I have to use require('web3_extended') in both cases. Can anybody point at what I am missing?


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