I really believe that I saw a function named unlockAndSendTransaction on a web3 Javascript API reference page somewhere on Friday 12/09/2016 but today (Monday, 12/12/2016), I am unable to find this function either with a Google search or with a search here on Ethereum StackExchange.

Was I mistaken? Is there such a function, or was I dreaming? :-)

EDIT: I just found a mention of this function on https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/issues/113 Specifically, web3.eth.unlockAndSendTransaction is mentioned in the Motivation section. It has other names in the Management personal API - signAndSendTransaction and just sendTransaction (with optional password param), pre- and post-1.5, respectively. It is the web3.eth version that would be useful to me. Will check if it is available in the version that I am working with.

  • The following sentence in the Motivation section seems to imply that there is such a method implemented in geth (though it is under personal), and also in web3.js : "Currently we have in geth implemented personal_signAndSendTransaction and web3.js uses the name web3.eth.unlockAndSendTransaction." Moreover, in my local workspace, I see that in /node_modules/web3/lib/web3/methods/personal.js (version "0.17.0-alpha", there is an unlockAccountAndSendTransaction Method defined. Is this not part of the public API? Dec 13, 2016 at 0:21

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there is no such function check in geth; it is only a proposition.

this is for the futur in EIP (ethereum improvement protocol).

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