Does anyone else have issues obtaining kovan ether? I have tried the following links only to recieve 0.01 Keth increments from app.mycrypto.com (when the site is up). The github sites do not respond https://gitter.im/kovan-testnet/faucet https://github.com/kovan-testnet/faucet/issues/128 https://github.com/kovan-testnet/faucet/issues https://app.mycrypto.com/faucet https://faucet.kovan.network/ returns "this site can't be reached"

I need KETH to debug issues with running a personal project that works locally. Happy to pay (nominal amounts) for KETH as obtaining KETH is too time consuming. Is the Kovan network to be avoided due to this problem? Would it be less troublesome to test directly on the mainnet?

  • Side note: if you have a local project, why do you try to get eth on Kovan ? Aug 3 at 14:58
  • I want to take it (eventually) to mainnet. ganache does not run the same as testnets as they are breaking my code (it does not break locally) Aug 7 at 19:16

You could instead use MyCrypto's faucet. It supports Rinkeby, Ropsten, Kovan, and Goerli testnets. Just switch your Metamask to the intended testnet and then visit the following URL to receive your test ETH: https://app.mycrypto.com/faucet

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    thanks for responding. I included mycrypto in my original letter . When the site is up ( frequently it is down....) I can obtain .01 increments. This is time consuming and not practical for my testing which has easily used that in less than a day. Aug 3 at 15:08

Yeah as Scorpion said - MyCrypto's Faucet pumps a little out. However you can also email us - support@mycrypto.com if you need a little more. We have a tip jar too if you want to drop a thank you for the testnet eth.


  • thanks again! I will be reaching out to mycrypto support! Aug 7 at 19:15

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