What should you do if you get an error similar to the below when starting geth?

Fatal: Error starting protocol stack: Access is denied.


This occurs when you have another instance of geth already running.

Use your Operating System's process handler to end the process if there are no visible windows.

This happened to me when I started (and then closed) mist before I had set a private network running.

  • Ubuntu 18.04: I don't have another instance of Geth already running, but I get this error.
    – Andyc
    Jul 14 at 9:39

You can multiple instance of the Geth on different ports using --port flag and for above error message, just run all Geth instance with --ipcdisable flag

Note: ipcdisbale is going to disable ipc communication, not required if you are using JSON RPC

  • This didn't work for me, unfortunately.
    – Andyc
    Jul 14 at 9:40

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