I'm looking into finding some sort of reputation system on Ethereum. Are there any projects out there already that do this? I found a DEVCON1 video about reputation systems and a few people discussing it briefly, but not really any basic proofs of concepts.

Is Augur something that I should look at for this?

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    The best reputation system is rather subjective. Can you clarify what you are trying to do and what your needs are from a reputation system? – Joris Bontje Feb 6 '16 at 2:55


iudex by Alex Beregszaszi, Thomas Bertani - smart contract based reputation system at working prototype stage, see more on Ether Camp or on Github. via State of the DAPPS - (new DAPPS arriving daily, well almost)


Augur have more on What is Reputation? the cryptographic token used in their system is known as REP, or Reputation. Further expansion of How does Reputation (REP) work? plus a number of further articles on Reputation


Synereo are running with REO, a few details in section 1.3.1 in their White Paper and further details in their blog essentially the timings from the video discussions.

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