What would be a formula for calculating the block height at a certain point in time, approximative How would I calculate the block height for a date like next Christmas 0h midnight?

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If you just mean a general formula, rather than something written in Solidity...

Something along the lines of:

last_block_number + ((future_time - time_now) / block_time)

Where the future_time and time_now are in seconds since the epoch, and block_time is the average expected block time.

The block time is currently hovering between 14 and 14.5 seconds.

So, for example, using a current epoch time of 1481214124, the epoch time of 1482537600 for midnight Christmas Eve, and the last block of 2771338:

2771338 + ((1482537600 - 1481214124) / 14) = 2865872

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