Following is a very simple contract which implements deposit and withdraw functions. I have defined two events :

  1. deposited(address from, string msg)
  2. withDrawn(address from, string msg)

The contract is as follows:

pragma solidity ^0.4.4;
contract Bank{
uint balance;
address owner;

event deposited(address from, string msg);
event withDrawn(address from, string msg);

function deposit(uint amount){
    balance = balance + amount;
    deposited(msg.sender, "Amount has been deposited successfully");

function withDraw(uint amount){
    if(amount >= balance){
        balance = balance - amount;
        withDrawn(msg.sender, "Amount has been withdrawn successfully");

function getBalance()constant returns (uint){
    return balance;


Now, when i run this contract from command prompt using its compiled code, the events are not shown. How should i output them in nodeJS.

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You can use events like filters and they have the same methods, but you pass different objects to create the event filter.


Object - Indexed return values you want to filter the logs by, e.g. {'valueA': 1, 'valueB': [myFirstAddress, mySecondAddress]}.
Object - Additional filter options, see filters parameter 1 for more.

var event = myContractInstance.MyEvent({valueA: 23} [, additionalFilterObject])

// watch for changes
event.watch(function(error, result){
  if (!error)

// Or pass a callback to start watching immediately
var event = myContractInstance.MyEvent([{valueA: 23}] [, additionalFilterObject] , function(error, result){
  if (!error)

Read Contract Events

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