I'm running geth for the first time with:

geth --testnet

I can see it downloading the blockchain and it's showing progress with logs like

core/blockchain.go:1047] imported 311 blocks, 2940 txs (646.960 Mg│total 16 ) in 6.924s (93.431 Mg/s). #76545 [f42c1bd1… / d1e25194…]

What is mg here?

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Million gas / second.

This is what your node is able to process. It's a way to measure your nodes performance and it's more comparable than blocks per second or transactions per second.

  • You importet 311 blocks.
  • Containing 2940 transactions.
  • Which paid 646.960 Million gas to cover fees.
  • In 6.924 seconds.

That is:

= 93.4373194685153090699


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