I tried the following in the console:

web3.shh.post({topics: ["a"], payload: "0x847a786376", ttl: "0x1E", workToProve: "0x9" })

var f = web3.shh.filter({topics: ["a"]})


expiry: 0,
from: "0x0",
hash: "0x31fd2b2a2103ba67951aed1d00b726bd666a60f5387f171be99b3518c10bece2",
payload: "0x847a786376",
sent: 1480886520,
to: "0x0",
topics: [],
ttl: 30,
workProved: 0


TypeError: Cannot access member 'map' of undefined
at web3.js:3839:19
at web3.js:4939:28
at map ()
at web3.js:4938:12
at web3.js:4964:18
at web3.js:4989:23
at :1:1

What is the mistake with the getMessages command? why it is throwing such an error?

  • While this question is technically on-topic, I believe, I doubt you will get a satisfactory answer here, since whisper is so new and not heavily used. You're better off asking at gitter.im/ethereum/whisper – Tjaden Hess Dec 7 '16 at 1:38

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