What's the best way to clear a mapping? Consider the following case:

struct user {
    string name;
    uint id;
    bool valid;
    bytes32 hash_id;

mapping (address => user) userRegister;

function clearStruct (address addr) constant returns (bool cleared) {  
   userRegister[addr].name = null;  
   userRegister[addr].id = null;  
   userRegister[addr].valid = null;  
   userRegister[addr].hash_id = null; 

I am looking for a generic way to clear structs. the error i see right now at = null:

Error: Expected primary expression

Anyone who could suggest, it would be greatly helpful. is the only way to make them corresponding nulls i.e. '' for string, 0x000... for bytes32, false for bool, and 0 for int and so on?


you could use delete to clear your map.

delete userRegister[addr];

proposition :

pragma solidity ^0.4.0;
contract test {

struct user {
    string name;
    address add;

mapping (address => user) public userRegister;

 function add_user (string name, address addr)   {  

function clearStruct (address addr)   {  
   delete userRegister[addr];  


function try_it (address addr)  returns (string name) {  

   return userRegister[addr].name ;
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