Is it possible for ETH clients to securely receive a live push notification/version update like the way OSX, MacOS does?

What are the pros and cons? : )

There could be a contract filter to gain prior approval to automatically upgrade version once it becomes available. Also a feature to signal, for whatever reason, if one wishes to remain on an older version.

Is this possible?


Ethereum smart contracts support events for which client libraries lik web3.js, web3.py have easy-to-use bindings.


However this is extreme inefficient way to communicate as all notifications would be have to be written to a public blockchain. Storage in public blockchain may be 1000-10000 more expensive than with other methods.

Instead, you should use standard web push protocols for push notifications. They are free, scaleable and work offline:


  • Thanks Mkko, that's great point - and like you say currently a cost effective method.
    – SHA256
    Dec 2 '16 at 17:42

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