I have created a private ethereum block chain on azure using Ethereum consortorium block chain template.

After the deployment is suceeded I got the following attributes of block chain

  2. Private key
  3. User

Now by using ether.camp I am trying to deploy a contract by clicking a button "Send Contracts to Net". I am able to see the available contracts, configured the JSON RPC URL and Pkey .

When clicking on send I an getting the following message

Account 0x2ad984558bd5c7df51024363e5752d65b2d4677d has only 0 wei, but need 7944040000000000 to create the contract(s).

The account being mentioned is not even my account.

Can any one help how to overcome this issue or any other ways to deploy a smart contract to the ethereum network.

Thanks in advance, Mahesh Gupta

  • Did you get any clue on this? I am also struggling in deploying my contract on Azure Ethereum Consortorium Blockchain. – Paresh Bhatt Feb 13 '17 at 11:49
  • I am now deploying using geth console. I am not using ether camp. – mahesh gupta Feb 15 '17 at 10:47

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