I am running into an error for:

TypeError: Type address payable is not implicitly convertible to expected type bytes32.

Due to the fact that I am using my address 0x0D81d9E21BD7C5bB095535624DcB0759E64B3899

I tried web3.utils.padLeft(web3.utils.hexToBytes(yourAddressString, 32); from https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58101282/how-to-convert-address-type-to-bytes32-via-web3 but had no avail. If somebody can convert my address 0x0D81d9E21BD7C5bB095535624DcB0759E64B3899 to bytes32 and tell me how they did it, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

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    But why would you do that? Commented Jul 22, 2021 at 8:13

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Fixed, answer is use padding

example -> 0x0000000000000000000000000D81d9E21BD7C5bB095535624DcB0759E64B3899

Sometimes the simplest answers are right infront of you


Here's a Solidity answer to it:

function addressToBytes32(address _addr) internal pure returns (bytes32) {
    return bytes32(uint256(uint160(_addr)));

Source: https://github.com/LayerZero-Labs/LayerZero-v2/blob/bf4318b/oapp/contracts/oft/libs/OFTComposeMsgCodec.sol


If you read the Pad Left documentation, you'd see that you don't need to do any conversion. You simply should do a web3.utils.padLeft(address, 64). Given that you want bytes32, that is a total of 64 hex digits, you just need to fill the difference in 0s for in order to have 64 digits.


If you're using Ethers.js

'0x'.concat(contract.address.slice(2).padStart(64, '0'))

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