Is there a way to count empty accounts using geth ? I just want to be able to track current DDOS cleanup process.

  • I believe there is, due to the fact that Vitalik is posting updates on progress. Check some of his recent comments to see.
    – user5135
    Nov 29 '16 at 20:38

Pretty sure this is breaking some kind of Stackoverflow rule, but I'm going to go ahead and try!

When you have a database mindset you have a list of accounts

id    username    email
1     ramvi       ramvi@example.com
3     0x8000      hex@example.com

How many accounts are there? Easy, two! But for open blockchains there is no such list. Instead any account that can exist already exist, but with a balance of zero. If you send ether to an account "that doesn't exist" it will still work, and it will look to the world like that is an active account.

Why is this You don't register anywhere when you create an Ethereum account. You just generate a public-private key. You don't tell anyone. So I could have been creating key pairs all the time while writing this, generating thousands of accounts, but you would have no way of knowing. Only if I use an account, will it be possible for other's to understand that it exsist.

So what is an account? It's just the cryptographic key pair.

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