I'm trying to get LINK for Ropsten. I'm using this faucet: https://ropsten.chain.link/ and, when I've added the new token, I've used this address 0x20fe562d797a42dcb3399062ae9546cd06f63280 (Chainlink token contract address), but I'm not getting any LINK

enter image description here

Am I doing anything wrong? I was able to get LINK for Kovan, but I'd like to try some tests on Ropsten instead of Kovan.

Edit: I'm checking this link: https://docs.chain.link/docs/link-token-contracts/ where we can find all address for Chainlink token contracts and the point is Ropsten isn't there. There's no support for Ropsten anymore?

  • Same problem here. Another question here. On Rinkeby works, tested now.
    – alberto
    Jul 16, 2021 at 11:01

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Ropsten is finicky, and thus the Chainlink core doesn't support it.

Chainlink is much more compatible with the Kovan network with lots of user guides. It's suggested to use Kovan testnet in place of ropsten, where you will get the link token for sure.

You can find all the latest faucets and supported chains for Chainlink here.

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