I would like to run two nodes in the same machine which has to share the same genesis file. I tried the following.

Terminal 1 (Node 1)

$ ./geth --datadir "node1/" init genesis.json

It shows successful

$ ./geth --datadir "node1/" --port 21212 console



It shows empty, eventhough there are three accounts are there in genesis file. Why it shows like that?

If I put like below then it works fine

Terminal 1 (Node 1)

$ ./geth init genesis.json

It shows successful

$ ./geth console


[0Xadbee , 0xabde, 0xabcde]


perhaps you 've created your account previously in the default blockchain located in the default folder ~/.ethereum/ so when you change the folder its normal that your account are inaccessible by geth. try to copy the keystore folder from the ~/.ethereum/ to your new folder node1/ and remove other folders then relaunch your init command

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