I'm trying to understand the correct typing I should use for a web3 eth contract that is one of the parameters of my function:

import * as express from "express";
import { check, oneOf, validationResult } from "express-validator";
import * as web3 from "web3";

function publicApi(
  app: express.Application,
  blockPartiesPublic: <not sure what should go here>
) {

I couldn't know for sure if you only want to know the web3.eth.Contract type. But if it's what I imagine you can use this:

import { Contract } from 'web3-eth-contract';

For example:

import { Contract } from 'web3-eth-contract';
import { AbiItem } from 'web3-utils';

const Contract = new web3.eth.Contract(Token.abi as AbiItem, address)

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