I have two different smartchains in Metamask wallet

  1. ETH

  2. BSC

Now I want to transfer money from one network to the other in the same wallet address either using web3.js or any other possible programmatic way.

Any suggestion how should I go ahead with it?

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    You cannot just move funds from one chain to another. For this, you will need a bridge contract that will lock the funds on one chain and give you funds on the other chain. There is also binance.org/en/bridge or Binance itself, you can try to use API to make it programmatic way. Jul 14 at 22:30
  • Thanks for the response! Is there any way by which I can transfer coins from coinbase to metamask to a specific network in Metamask? If that can be achieved, it indirectly solves my problem Jul 15 at 5:35
  • Unfortunately, I don't have an access to Coinbase as I'm not a US citizen. You can create a new post if you can't find this information on the Internet. Jul 15 at 9:18

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