Just launched parity (using v.1.4.4 at the moment) as always, and when I try to access its UI (via http://localhost:8080/ ), I get this error:

404 Not Found
Your homepage is not available when Trusted Signer is disabled.

You can still access dapps by writing a correct address, though. Re-enable Signer to get your homepage back.

How can I reenable the signer? I've already tried parity signer new-token in the command line, and it gives me a new token, but I cannot do anything with that token in the 404 page, so I'm lost.


Make sure you are not running with --no-ui flag.

Geth-compatibility mode (--geth) also disables the UI by default, if you wish to use UI together with Geth-compatibility run with --geth --force-ui.

  • running --force-ui worked, I dont run geth any idea why it didnt load by default ? – NaN Sep 10 '17 at 10:28

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