I am working on truffle (solc 0.5) and trying to fetch amount in wei from user and send it to another account. Following is my code:

contract pay {

  uint amount;
  function payment(uint _amount, address payable _ID) external payable {
        amount = _amount;

I typed in the following command in truffle console:

var contract = await name.deployed() then await contract.pay(10000000000000000, accounts[1], {value: amount})

I received an error after executing payment function as:

reason: 'overflow', code: 'NUMERIC_FAULT', fault: 'overflow', operation: 'BigNumber.from', value: 10000000000000000,

What should I do in order to send fetched amount from the account calling the function to another account? What should I change in order for it to work properly? A code for reference would be helpful

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Try to pass the value as a string, example - "10000000000000000". Or if it's dynamic value you could use .toString() method.

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