Im connecting to BSC websocket with:

let options = {
    filter: {
        value: [],
    fromBlock: 0

    .on('data', event => console.log(event))
    .on('changed', changed => console.log(changed))
    .on('error', err => throw err)
    .on('connected', str => console.log(str))

In response on the 'data' event I get the returnValues

   data  {
  address: 'xxxxx',
  blockNumber: xxx,
  transactionHash: 'xxxx',
  transactionIndex: 17,
  blockHash: 'xxx',
  logIndex: 35,
  removed: false,
  id: 'xx',
  returnValues: Result {
    '0': 'xx',
    '1': 'xx',
    '2': '800000000000000000',
    from: 'xx',
    to: 'xxx',
    value: '800000000000000000'
  event: 'Transfer',
  signature: 'xxx',
  raw: {
    data: 'xxx',
    topics: [

I want to determine the SELL/BUY transaction. How I can know if this is sell or a buy??

Also what are the topics??

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