I'm trying to get a React site work with web3modal and walletconnect.

When in a Metamask browser, my dapp on BSC works, but on Safari (MacOs and iOS), I show the web3modal, user gives permissions to TrustWallet (for example), but returning back to Safari, site doesn't get accounts and nothing works.

This is my code:

const providerOptions = {
    walletconnect: {
    package: WalletConnectProvider,
    options: {
        rpc: {
            56: "https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/"
        network: 'binance'
const web3Modal = new Web3Modal({
    cacheProvider: true, 

const provider = await web3Modal.connect();
const web3 = new Web3(provider);

At this point, when I try to get the accounts with:

const accounts = await web3.eth.getAccounts();

I get:

Unhandled Promise Rejection: Error: Failed to get accounts

And in the console, a lot of calls to infura, what I cannot understand, why I need infura if using BSC (or the next question: how the f configure infura for this)



I recommend you using Moralis. It has SDK for React with cool hooks. It also supports different providers (walletconnect, metamask, ...). Take a look at Moralis React Github. It has own speedy nodes for BSC, ETH and Matic networks.

Example of getting user wallet address:

import React from "react";
import { useMoralis } from "react-moralis";

function App() {
  const { authenticate, isAuthenticated, user } = useMoralis();

  if (!isAuthenticated) {
    return (
        <button onClick={() => authenticate()}>Authenticate</button>

  return (
      <h1>Welcome {user.attributes.ethAddress}</h1>
  • Will check, thank you! Jul 15 at 15:23

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