Over the last few days (while following a tutorial) I made a web app where I could make a NFT out of a color(e.g. #FFFFFF), so my question is if a client could upload a picture to my web app how would I mint that picture.

What exactly am I minting and where would I store that picture.

(I am a beginner so go easy)

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You don’t mint “the picture”. You mint a token, i.e. you Transfer ownership of a new tokenId (e.g. 123) in your contract from nobody to your user. That’s all there is to minting an NFT.

Now, if your (let us say, ERC-721) contract goes even further and implements the ERC721Metadata extension, it will be possible to query your contract for information about a particular tokenID on your contract, via tokenURI(tokenID). So calling on your contract e.g. tokenURI(123) would return a URI identifying a JSON file somewhere that provides more info about token 123 on your contract. The ERC-721 standard specifies that the JSON file should include an image field, which is:

A URI pointing to a resource with mime type image/* representing the asset to which this NFT represents.

This is where the picture comes into the… picture.

So to mint a user's picture, you need to:

  1. Upload the picture somewhere (to a website or to IPFS)
  2. Upload somewhere (to a website or to IPFS) a JSON file with image identifying the picture in Step 1
  3. Update your contract so that when queried for tokenURI(123), it will return a URI identifying the JSON file in Step 2

For Step 1 and 2 you could integrate your web app with a service like nft.storage.

P.S. Using data: URIs you could also store or generate the JSON and/or the image in the contract itself, but that might be more complicated to achieve, so let’s limit the scope of this answer to the more usual method described above.

  • I am more interested in the P.S. part (data:)
    – MehmedB
    Commented Apr 12, 2022 at 17:48

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