I'm trying to migrate my contract to a mainnet fork using ganache-cli:

ganache-cli -f https://mainnet.infura.io/v3/{infuraKey} -l 8000000000000 --defaultBalanceEther 1000000000 --allowUnlimitedContractSize

Using these configurations:

 development: {
  network_id: '*',
  host: "",     // Localhost (default: none)
  port: 8545,            // Standard Ethereum port (default: none)
  gas: 8000000000000, 

Whenever I run truffle migrate, I get this error:


   Deploying '{contractName}'

Error:  *** Deployment Failed ***
"{contractName}" ran out of gas (using a value you set in your network config or deployment parameters.)
   * Block limit:  8000000000000 (0x746a5288000)
   * Gas sent:     8000000000000 (0x746a5288000)

As you can see, I've increased the block limit and gas limit to an extremely high amount and I'm still running out of gas, any advice?

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My contract was over 24kb, reduced contract size and that fixed it.

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