Let's say I have these 2 contracts defined in the same solidity file.

contract Coin {
   string public name;
   constructor(string _name) public { 
      name = _name;
contract MetaCoin {
   Coin public coin;
   constructor(Coin _coin) public {
       coin = _coin;

Now I want to write a javascript migration in order to deploy so I tried the following

const coin = artifacts.require("Coin");
const meta = artifacts.require("Metacoin");

module.exports = async function (deployer, network, accounts) {

   await deployer.deploy(Coin,"diamond");
   const coin = await Coin.deployed();
   await deployer.deploy(MetaCoin, coin);

However my last line await deployer.deploy(MetaCoin, coin); causes an error since coin is not the correct thing to pass into the constructor of MetaCoin.

The error is pasted below

Error: while migrating Masterchef: invalid address (argument="address", value="[object Object]", code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=address/5.0.5) (argument="_Pcake", value="[object Object
]", code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=abi/5.0.7)

I read the following question but I don't think it applies to my case since I define the Coin type. Can a Solidity function accept an object from JS. For example, can addTenant(**Tenant tenantObj**) accept Tenant Object?

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Turns out you can just pass in the address of Coin instead of the Coin abstraction.

I ended up using

   await deployer.deploy(MetaCoin, coin.address);

I'm not sure why that ended up working so if someone could explain, that would help a lot.

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