We created a meme token. Added it into the ERC20 blockchain and then went to add it to Uniswap.

Can someone please advise as to why the coin was succesfull being added to Uniswap, but will not allow to be swapped on Uniswap exchange? When trying to add ETH liquidity it simply does nothing, even Metamask won't open.

Etherscan links for reference.




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Maybe because Uniswap v3 uses NFT?

I can't recall the details at this very moment, but I remember reading that in order to manage the new slippage window margin thing, they had to use a non Fungible Token.

I'd be made it a comment if I can, because it just like a hint or a direction to look into not a complete answer.


enter image description here

Despite the price impact it's possble to swap your token.

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