I looked thru the past threads for this error but still couldnt figure out how i can resolve this. One method i saw was to generate an ABI and manually insert it but i cant seem to figure out how this can be done even after copying the ABI and parsing it through abi.hashex(it doesnt give me the 00000 numbers).

enter image description here

As such, can anyone help and guide me on how i can resolve this error? Appreciate your help.

The contract source code is a copy of this. https://bscscan.com/address/0xc31a3446de3a54e306e7e46e636189dc9a5cda64#code

i used progma 0.6.12, optimized(yes, 200 runs) but still cant for the hell of it figure out why this wont work :(

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Try this to generate your abi https://abi.hashex.org/#. Add constructor parameters if and paste the abi in generated bytecode space while verifying.

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