I need to convert a string variable (passed to a function), containing a hex-string, into bytes in Solidity. In a way, this is the same as the following, just that the string variable will be passed as an argument to a function:

bytes b = hex"abcdef";

Obviously, there is the rather manual way of doing it by translating every character into its byte value like this:

function hexToByte(string memory s) public pure returns (bytes memory) {
    bytes memory b = bytes(s);
    require(b.length%2 == 0, "Invalid length of key string");
    bytes memory ret = new bytes(b.length/2);
    for (uint i=0; i<b.length/2; ++i) {
        ret[i] = bytes1(hexCharToByte(uint8(b[2 * i])) * 16 + hexCharToByte(uint8(b[2 * i+1])));
    return ret;
function hexCharToByte(uint8 c) public pure returns (uint8) {
    if(bytes1(c) >= bytes1('0') && bytes1(c) <= bytes1('9'))
        return c - uint8(bytes1('0'));
    if(bytes1(c) >= bytes1('a') && bytes1(c) <= bytes1('f'))
        return 10 + c - uint8(bytes1('a'));
    if(bytes1(c) >= bytes1('A') && bytes1(c) <= bytes1('F'))
        return 10 + c - uint8(bytes1('A'));
        revert("Invalid character in key string");

As this rather is cost-intensive - a lot of looping and comparing. Is there a better / faster way to do this, e.g. with assembly code?

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