We have been running tokens to prepare for a larger project and we have been getting sniped/botted the instant liquidity is added. This results in this sniper dumping 20 minutes later and killing any momentum and destroying the chart. We are looking for a way to blacklist these bots so they cannot sell. I've been able to get the function to appear but inputting an address does nothing - the address can still buy and sell.

We have tried a variety of code from other contracts with no luck, for example:

    // Address that are identified as botters with holding of more than 5%.
mapping(address => bool) private _includeToBlackList;

 * @dev Exclude an address from blackList.
 * Can only be called by the current operator.
function setExcludeFromBlackList(address _account) public onlyOwner {
    _includeToBlackList[_account] = false;

 * @dev Include an address to blackList.
 * Can only be called by the current operator.
function setIncludeToBlackList(address _account) public onlyOwner {
    _includeToBlackList[_account] = true;

Our contract is 0.6.12

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How about adding the following in the _transfer function? It would revert if the blacklisted address send or receives the token.

require(!_includeToBlackList[sender] && !_includetoBlackList[recipient], "This address is blacklisted"); 

On a side-note, I would personally never ever buy a token where the owner can unilaterally blacklist an address like that.

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