I have faced a very strange issue on Goerli Testnet using infura. The number of transactions in a blocks dropped from 168 transactions to 164.

I'm working on a blocks tracker, after receiving the block (newBlocksHeader subscription) i traverse the blocks transactions received from (web3.eth.getBlock(blockNumber, true)) and filter out the required.

One of the transaction went missing. So when i tried to fetch the block again i saw the number of transactions are different from the one that i previously logged.

This is what my system logged Block 4988374 has 168 txs and filtered are 18.

Image 1

This is what i got when i try to debug by missing transaction, Block 4988374 has 164 txs and filtered are 23. This time my missing transaction was included in this block.

image 2

I'm not sure what is happening here, how i can build a reliable system that doesn't miss any transaction.

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Minor blockchain reorganisations up to 6 blocks deep are normal for Ethereum. Ethereum mainnet with proof of work has only probabilistic finality, not true finality and any block is subject to disappearing.

More about finality here.


I found this issue only on infura api. So i switched to my own RPC node and now i haven't seen this issue again.

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