sorry for my broken english. i can decode transaction input hash with web3.eth.abi.decodeParameters. but i can convert _value data human readable. i try hex, bignumber but i failed. how can i convert value data attached pic.

enter image description here

how can i convert 600000000 to 600.00.

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The conversion is a simple division by the number of decimals for each token. for USDT, the decimals are equal to 6 so all values processed by the contract have 6 decimals which means that 600000000 = 600 USDT tokens.

The decimals are the definition of how much can a token be fractured, in this case it's only to a 10e-6 value.

the decimals are also avaialble from the main token contract, you can find it in the Read Contract section of the token on etherscan

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