I'm trying to get smarter on blockchain broadly so downloaded Bitcoin Core / Geth nodes recently and got them both working but admittedly I hardly know what I'm doing. I didn't realize that I needed to shutdown geth in a particular way (as opposed to just exiting out of CMD), so I did an unclean shutdown and then received an error that keeps repeating directly after that. The error is 'Section processing failed, type=bloombits, error ="canonical block #12597521"'. Searching around I've seen this error occur to others that improperly closed geth, but I've failed to find a fix and if it actually makes an impact to my node. My chain is still up to date.

Would appreciate any advice/insight to this error.


Unclean Shutdown and First Error

Error continuously has occurred after this point

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In go-ethereum repo there are a couple of related issues. In issue #22471 Ligi suggest a couple of solutions

  • Try PR #21650
  • Sync from scratch

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