Please tell me why this tx is failed?


Tx Data:
0   amountIn    uint256 66350193942313470867
1   amountOutMin    uint256 0
2   path    address[]   27ae27110350b98d564b9a3eed31baebc82d878d
3   to  address 594efbe5a71a10a958d812b4c65f3dfa60922a15
4   deadline    uint256 9999999999999999

The pair exists. Tokens are approved. Is this related to some fees?


In that router's factory there isn't such token pair (27ae27110350b98d564b9a3eed31baebc82d878d and f21768ccbc73ea5b6fd3c687208a7c2def2d966e).

  • yes, indeed. this is true. But what happened here: bscscan.com/tx/… No errors from router. Pair exists Jun 13 at 8:41
  • Factory: 0xca143ce32fe78f1f7019d7d551a6402fc5350c73. No success no errors. Error on first transfer as I understand. When we transfer bnb Jun 13 at 8:52
  • @VladimirKovalchuk From the transaction trace one of the internal transactions has run out of gas.
    – Ismael
    Jun 13 at 19:25

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