I have 2 machines one of which is mining and second one is syncing. Each have it's own accounts. I just started the geth with "geth --datadir /blah/blah" --mine --miner.threads 6.

Is there any way that these 2 systems can become peers while mining mainnet? I tried setting up the way testnet peer setup (Testnet peer works fine). But it always ends up with empty peers in admin.peers. Tried with static, trusted and boot node options, but none of them worked for me. Always get "peer connected on snap without compatible eth support" in logs. Also adding peers with admin.addPeer() is not adding the node really. But with test net it works fine. (Followed this link https://blockgeeks.com/two-node-setup-of-a-private-ethereum/ and works fine with testnet but not with mainnet) Please help.

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