I have deployed a smart contract on BSC test net and it is successfully being verified using the following code

truffle run verify PancakeFactory --network testnet

but it fails if I do it like this

truffle run verify BEP20Token@0x57dadB0D06483fF35C3327Bf72fd9AE66fE6826c --network testnet

it fails like so

Verifying BEP20Token@0x57dadB0D06483fF35C3327Bf72fd9AE66fE6826c Could not find pancake-swap-core/build/contracts/BEP20Token.json Failed to verify 1 contract(s): BEP20Token@0x57dadB0D06483fF35C3327Bf72fd9AE66fE6826c

what does this json file has to do with it?How to verify it using the contract address and not name?

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