I'm trying to create an event on the Morden testnet via the gnosis api but gnosis.createEvent will not make the necessary request.

I am able to load metamask's web3 into the config object I use to initialize the gnosis config.

config.web3 = customWeb3

I see that config.account is set to my correct metamask wallet address and I'm able to call getEvents and updateEventDescriptions successfully.

However, when I call getEvent(description, config.account, config), no request is made.

When I do not set metamask's web3 in the config

config.web3 = customWeb3

I can make the request, but receive an 'Invalid Signature' error from the api endpoint. I presume this is because in this case the default config.account loaded by gnosis does not belong to me.

I see that metamask's web3 version is 17.0 and the web3 provided without explicitly setting

config.web3 = customWeb3

is 15.3.

Why no request when I explicitly set config.web3 as above?

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Turns out I had a malformed event description that did not contain a valid feeToken value.

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