I am learning Solidity, and I am trying to modify an existing contract.

But the questions I have I can ask independently from the contract.

  1. is there a possibility to have two liquidity pools? One as a locked liquidity pool and another for a small fee that I can take out? This fee should be entirely swapped, so it does not affect the coin when it is taken out.

  2. what would be better is if there is a possibility of sending this fee directly to another address after it is exchanged to Bnb or Eth. By exchanged I mean that these tokens are sold during the transfer. Is it possible to do this?

  3. I tried to test an existing contract on Remix, but I don't see the test area of Remix on these big contracts. If you write only some functions, you can find the deployed contract for all these functions to test. But now I only see calldata.

  4. I tried to deploy a contract on the testnet, but I don't know how to buy these test tokens with testbnb. How to do it?

The code I am looking at is SafeMoon, if that is relevant.

Sorry for my English. It is not my mother tongue.

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