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Top new questions this week:

"out of gas" message when calling another solidity contract's method

I want to call another solidity contract's method using Call/DelegateCall. Although the transaction seems successful, but I did not get the expected result, and it shows "Although one or more ...

solidity contract-development remix  
asked by Ming Wu 2 votes
answered by Ming Wu 0 votes

When MetaMask removes the Cancel button for a transaction?

When I start a transaction, MetaMask shows it with Cancel button. When does this Cancel button disappear? Maybe after one confirmation? After N (what is N?) confirmations?

transactions blockchain metamask blocks transaction-propagation  
asked by porton 2 votes
answered by shane 2 votes

How to get all the historical data from chainlink price feeds?

I wanted to pull the historical data stored by the reference data contracts by chainlink oracles. Since all the data is on-chain, I should be able to view it all? But currently, my contract can only ...

asked by Keenan Olsen 2 votes
answered by Patrick Collins 2 votes

Efficient, safe pow using EXP opcode

I recently stumbled across ds-math's rpow() being a O(lg n) safe implementation of exponentiation. Such a function is ultimately created because the EVM EXP opcode is unsafe wrt. overflows. The ...

opcode safemath  
asked by Simon Shine 2 votes
answered by goodvibration 3 votes

Why fallback function cannot be declared public in solidity?

When declaring fallback function we needs to make sure that it is declared external but why fallback function cannot be declared as public. Since external is a subset of public why can't we declare ...

solidity solidity-0.6.x  
asked by Haseeb Saeed 1 vote
answered by Morten 1 vote

Modifying erc-721 transfer

Say I want to take a cut of an NFT each time the token is transferred. If I were to change the openzeppelin erc721 transfer function to transfer 1% of the NFTs holding to myself, can that standard ...

erc-721 transfer  
asked by YoungKidWarrior 1 vote
answered by William Entriken 0 votes

debug_traceTransaction says tx failed, etherscan says passed

I was running debug_traceTransaction on the transactions in the first 100,000 blocks, and I came across 25 that were flagged as failed, but says they are fine. The gas used is below gas, ...

asked by anon4250158 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to get tokens out of a metamask account

I transferred tokens (GNT) from an exchange to a metamask account but I can't figure out how to get them out. They do not show up in metamask, but etherscan shows them. I tried to import the account ...

mist tokens metamask  
asked by user7659 13 votes
answered by DanF 11 votes

How to create an Ethereum address?

I know basically zero about Ethereum, block chain etc. I have Augur reps. I have been asked to create an Ethereum address for the sale augur site. I don't have the slightest idea how to generate an ...

accounts addresses  
asked by TLL 13 votes
answered by eth 6 votes

What is Geth's "fast" sync, and why is it faster?

One of the answers to this question suggested using Geth's --fast flag to help quickly synchronise the block data. How does the flag work, and how does using it speed up the synchronisation? Are we ...

go-ethereum blockchain synchronization fast-sync  
asked by Richard Horrocks 101 votes
answered by paulmorriss 68 votes

Is Ethereum ASIC resistant?

I've heard that Ethereum mining is ASIC resistant since it requires memory-hard hashing algorithms. However, why can't miners buy large DRAM and devote the memory to ASIC mining? What prevents miners ...

mining proof-of-work ethash  
asked by Hwang 21 votes
answered by Mike Shultz 22 votes

Can't send transaction -- "Exceeds block gas limit" or "Intrinsic gas too low"

I'm trying to send Ether using geth 1.3.5, like this: eth.sendTransaction({ from: eth.accounts[0], to:'0x[ADDRESS_HERE]', value: web3.toWei(5, "ether"), gas:21000 });` And I'm getting ...

asked by Dan Sandberg 27 votes
answered by Piper Merriam 14 votes

What are the Ethereum disk space needs?

How fast is Ethereum blockchain growing and how big is it likely to get in the future? Is it still about 1 GB per month? Are there any data pruning or compression algorithms in place or planned to be ...

blockchain state-trie-pruning statistics disk-space  
asked by Domchi 160 votes
answered by Afr 177 votes

What is an ABI and why is it needed to interact with contracts?

ABI is referenced in many places including the official Ethereum website. What is an ABI and why is it necessary to use?

contract-development evm dapp-development contract-debugging abi  
asked by Taylor Gerring 101 votes
answered by Afr 71 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Txpool not receiving any new pending transactions

This seems to happen randomly during an influx of new transactions. I am running a node with high txpool limits. --txpool.globalslots 1000000 --txpool.accountslots 128 --txpool.accountqueue 512 ...

go-ethereum web3js pending-transactions txpool  
asked by Thomas 1 vote

The send transactions "from" field must be defined using Infura web3

when I try to send my transaction using infura I get this error "The send transactions "from" field must be defined" My problem is my web3 object. When I used Metamask and ...

web3js accounts ropsten infura web3-providers  
asked by alfo888_ibg 1 vote
answered by Mikko Ohtamaa 0 votes
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