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Top new questions this week:

Hardhat test increasing account balance

I'm running the test outlined below using Hardhat. The smart contract has a function to output 'msg.sender.balance', and the test file calls this function, then waits for the next block, then calls ...

solidity ethers.js hardhat  
asked by Rick Score of 2

Why using storage keyword instead of memory cost less gas?

struct User { bool isActive; uint256 userAge; } mapping(userId => User) public users; method 1; function example(uint256 userId) public { User memory user = users[userId]; bool ...

solidity gas  
asked by Fatih Can Işık Score of 1
answered by lain Score of 1

Invalid ENS name in Damn Vulnerable Defi (naive-receiver)

I'm trying to solve the Damn vulnerable Defi challenge's Level 2 - Naive Receiver. We have to drain the user's balance by exploiting the missing access control allowing anyone to be the borrower and ...

solidity security hardhat defi  
asked by Aditya Dixit Score of 1
answered by Seng Wee Score of 0

Solidity 128.128 unsigned fixed point division

I am currently trying to figure out a concrete way to perform fixed point division on two 128.128 uint256 numbers. This seems like a fairly straightforward thing, but haven't been able to code a ...

solidity fixed-point  
asked by Leyton Taylor Score of 1

What is the difference between NFTs and a smart contract?

I am exploring a new domain and wanted to understand the difference between ERC721, ERC20, and a smart contract? ERC721 is "a standard for representing ownership of non-fungible tokens," but ...

tokens erc-20 nft erc-721 architecture  
asked by canaryGrapher Score of 1
answered by Bruce Darcy Score of 0

I want mint N-number of NFT's to N-number of people using ERC1155

E.G: 1-NFT minted sent to 1-person, But in a broader perspective. e.g: 100 NFT's to 100 people, In the same function using ERC1155. I want to mint and transfer those 100 nfts in the same function. To ...

nft erc-1155 mint batch  
asked by Syed Murtaza Ali Shah Score of 1
answered by Carlitos Score of 0

How is ethereum updated?

I've been reading up on crypto recently, and saw that ethereum is going to change to pos in the future. I imagine that this entails all miners downloading an updated mining client? However, two things:...

asked by user2520938 Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How are ethereum addresses generated?

What criteria does a valid Ethereum address need to fulfill? Is it just a random number in hexadecimal? Or does it need to be derived in a specific way, according to some cryptographic algorithms? ...

addresses accounts cryptography account-generation  
asked by max Score of 142
answered by tayvano Score of 168

I can't approve and sell a token I bought on pancakeswap. I saw someone else sell it in the transaction list on bscscan

Okay, so obviously I bought a scamcoin, but theres this one guy who still managed to sell it, most likely by using a bot. I want to sell the token as well, the liquidity isn't pulled and I would make ...

transactions bsc pancakeswap  
asked by scammeddude Score of 2

I accidentally sent a token to a token contract. Can I get it back?

Instead of transferring my ERC20 token to my wallet, I accidentally sent it to the contract itself (the contract, with source code, is here). Would the contract creator be able to send it back to me?...

asked by FloatingRock Score of 7
answered by pabloruiz55 Score of 9

What actually is a DAG?

I have tried googling it as well as finding it here. Many people here talk about it, but what actually is a DAG?

asked by Tomas Score of 81
answered by atomh33ls Score of 65

How to fix: Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Out of gas]

I have sent ETH to a contract address, and it "failed" the transaction saying it is: Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Reverted] contract address and transaction failure ...

asked by goodwin butler Score of 2
answered by Morten Score of 5

What is the recommended way to safely store Ether?

There are several options for storing Ether : Accounts Mist/Geth accounts. Paper wallets. Icebox Air gapped offline signing of transactions Wallet Mist Multi-signature. In short there are a lot ...

wallets cold-storage  
asked by JackWinters Score of 62
answered by tayvano Score of 31

How would I explain Ethereum to a non-technical friend?

I've recently attempted to explain Ethereum to several non-techy friends. My explanation usually involves starting with a comparison to Bitcoin, but this quickly becomes complicated as I then have ...

blockchain bitcoin  
asked by Richard Horrocks Score of 114
answered by Taylor Gerring Score of 57

Can you answer these questions?

How many times was Ethereum 2.0 delayed for? When was it suppose to be released initially?

Last I recall, Ethereum 2.0 was suppose to be released a few years back. But its always "soon" on the horizon. How many times have it been pushed back? When was the initial date it was ...

asked by Patoshi パトシ Score of 1
answered by Lauri Peltonen Score of 0

I don't understand this part of the Ethereum Documentation (storageRoot)

This is from the account part of the Ethereum Docs, 4 fields of an account were described of which i am unable to understand this one. (storageRoot)

accounts storage merkle-patricia-tries account-generation  
asked by 0xamey Score of 1

Curve Voting Escrow Explainations

Curve Voting Escrow has gradually become the de facto approach for DeFi projects of gaining, decaying and consuming voting power through the functions on their smart contract. The original contract ...

solidity defi voting escrow curve  
asked by Maxareo Score of 1
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