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Top new questions this week:

What happens when we directly send tokens to Uniswap pair?

This is about Uni V2 pools. So usually we call the function addLiquidity to add liquidity, but the function decides how many tokens should be added depending on the reserves. What if we directly send ...

uniswap defi uniswapv2 liquidity  
user avatar asked by Solidity Nerd Score of 2
user avatar answered by 0xsam Score of 0

How to estimate gas cost for a polygon zk evm transaction?

I understand how to estimate gas cost for L2s like Arbitrum and Optimism because their documents provide some details, e.g. total gas cost = L1 poster fee + L2 network fee. But I really cannot find ...

gas polygon l2 zkevm  
user avatar asked by Felix Score of 1
user avatar answered by Maario Score of 1

Is NFT swap possible on cross chains?

I have done a bit of research on this, and I have found only the same chain NFT swap but I want to know the different chain swapping b/w two users, Please provide some links or guidance to achieve NFT ...

solidity blockchain nft swaps  
user avatar asked by Vinit_2311 Score of 1

How can a bytes32[] variable have a custom method (i.e., verifyCalldata)?

Code: My question is about this verifyCalldata() call: function verifyAddress( uint256 _projectId, ...

solidity openzeppelin calldata merkle method  
user avatar asked by Donn Lee Score of 1
user avatar answered by Giuseppe Bertone Score of 1

Is web3j version 5.0.0 discontinued?

On maven's release page, web3j 5.0.0 is the highest release version for web3j, which was released in May 2020. The most recent releases of web3j are in 4.x version series. Interestingly, the web3j ...

user avatar asked by Kevin Score of 1
user avatar answered by eth Score of 0

How works refund ReentrancyGuard library for solidity

When I was reading the library code, I came across the following comment: "the values being non-zero value makes deployment a bit more expensive, but in exchange the refund on every call to ...

solidity library  
user avatar asked by TabFoxOne Score of 1
user avatar answered by Lauri Peltonen Score of 0

Foundry or Hardhat: I'm really confused about which one should I use?

Hello everyone I'm new in the smart contract and Dapp development and I'm so confused about choosing a framework. my questions are dumb but I couldn't find the answers by myself. Here is my problem: I ...

solidity hardhat dapps foundry  
user avatar asked by emtothed Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What does it mean that Ethereum is "turing complete"

People often say that Ethereum is a "turing complete" blockchain, or that it comes with a built-in "turing complete" programming language. What does this mean, and why is it an important feature for ...

blockchain turing-completeness  
user avatar asked by Josh Stark Score of 40
user avatar answered by dbryson Score of 33

What is meant by the term "gas"?

An Ethereum application that I want to use talks about needing "gas" to run. What is gas, and where do I get it?

transactions gas economics terminology denial-of-service  
user avatar asked by Jeff Coleman Score of 259
user avatar answered by Jeff Coleman Score of 370

Is Ethereum wallet address case sensitive?

I sent some amount of ETH to a wallet. I checked the wallets balance on ether chain. I entered the address in the search field and noticed both lowercase and uppercase versions of the address seemed ...

ether wallets addresses  
user avatar asked by user1035 Score of 77
user avatar answered by knocte Score of 86

What is Geth's "fast" sync, and why is it faster?

One of the answers to this question suggested using Geth's --fast flag to help quickly synchronise the block data. How does the flag work, and how does using it speed up the synchronisation? Are we ...

go-ethereum blockchain synchronization fast-sync  
user avatar asked by Richard Horrocks Score of 111
user avatar answered by paulmorriss Score of 74

How can I securely generate a random number in my smart contract?

If I am writing a smart contract for some kind of (gambling) game, how can I generate a random number securely? What are the best practises and security trade-offs to be aware of?

contract-design security gambling  
user avatar asked by J-B Score of 233
user avatar answered by Tjaden Hess Score of 184

What is the difference between an internal/external and public/private function in solidity?

Currently reading solidity documentation: By default, function types are internal, so the internal keyword can be omitted. In ...

user avatar asked by monty_lennie Score of 62
user avatar answered by dragosb Score of 76

How do I get the raw private key from my Mist keystore file?

I use the Mist wallet. I would like to know: How I can get the private key of my account. How I can use this private key to sign messages.

mist private-key keystore export  
user avatar asked by Wang Score of 32
user avatar answered by Nicolas Massart Score of 26

Can you answer these questions?

How to swap ETH for another token and send this token to another wallet using only one transaction for both actions?

Please, tell me, is it possible to do it using Uniswap V2 router (via smart-contract or dapps)

transactions uniswap decentralized-exchange  
user avatar asked by misha s Score of 1

How can I get the whole list of all trading pairs on Uniswap?

I looked at docs and it says to use Queries, but I have no idea how to imply it. Could you please help me?

uniswap query  
user avatar asked by aleexeyy Score of 1
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