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Top new questions this week:

what is the difference between non-executable transactions and executable transactions?

In geth doc I found this : --txpool.globalslots value Maximum number of executable transaction slots for all accounts (default: 4096) --txpool.accountqueue value Maximum ...

go-ethereum transactions  
asked by maroodb 4 votes

Can a .eth domain from ENS be used for a website?

I recently registered a .eth domain through the Ethereum Name Service. Is it possible to use this domain for a website? Or is it just an alias for an ethereum address (and other metadata)?

asked by sfmiller940 3 votes
answered by alberto 3 votes

Total metamask balance

I am curious how to get the total current balance of my metamask wallet with as many "accounts" inside it as it bears in the moment? As I can understand metamask is the HD wallet and all my addresses ...

metamask balances hd-wallets  
asked by loarrin 2 votes
answered by Niklas Feurstein 1 vote

Performing a C-like pointer increment in Solidity

I have a memory or calldata struct with an attribute of type byte[]. I want to have a memory variable with that data, except for the first n Bytes. In C, you'd just write typename variablename = ...

solidity arrays bytes memory-pointer  
asked by UTF-8 2 votes

Remix compile error: Expected primary expression

function Renting() public { checkUser[owner] = true; struct govt = Person(owner, 'Owner', 'Owner', 0, 'None', new uint[](0), new uint[](0)); addressToPerson[owner] = govt; } When I ...

solidity remix  
asked by Robin Kluysse 1 vote
answered by Ann Kilzer 1 vote

Automatically extracting functions names and parameters from ABI JSON file

I have done some work on captioned subject. For example, I can extract all getter functions (and some constructors as well) of all given smart contracts (in abi json file format). Then i can call ...

solidity contract-development javascript abi  
asked by Amir Ali 1 vote
answered by iamdefinitelyahuman 0 votes

EVM is sandboxed program execution environment

I read following content about EVM: It is vital to also note that EVM operates in a sandboxed environment- it is totally isolated from the main Blockchain network, and works perfectly as a testing ...

asked by zak100 1 vote
answered by Lauri Peltonen 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

how to unlock the account with geth?

when I use the web3 interface to sign on msgs, it tell me that the account should be unlocked, how can I manage this with geth and what exactly does unlocking mean?

asked by Wang 32 votes
answered by Zack Coburn 43 votes

How to delete or reset the blockchain in geth? (OSX)

I have a currupt Blockchain and want to hard reset the chain. what do I need to delete in order to start downloading the chain from scratch? I know that there are 2 ethereum folders (I am on OSX): ...

go-ethereum blockchain blocks mac-osx  
asked by xpnimi 37 votes
answered by Péter Szilágyi 28 votes

How can I find out what the highest block is?

I'm syncing up a new node. How can I find out what the latest block is so that I know how far I've got to go?

nodes synchronization  
asked by paulmorriss 37 votes
answered by eth 37 votes

Why does Ethereum plan to move to Proof of Stake?

The initial version of Ethereum (Frontier) uses a Proof of Work based consensus algorithm, but I see that there are plans to implement a Proof of Stake based consensus algorithm called "Casper" in a ...

proof-of-stake casper consensus serenity  
asked by Jeff Coleman 126 votes
answered by mKoeppelmann 102 votes

Upgradeable smart contracts

If the contract issuer wants to have a way to upgrade the contract code, so that account data and other things carry over, can Ethereum provide for this? Also can this be done without changing the ...

solidity contract-development contract-design upgrading design-patterns  
asked by Mikko Ohtamaa 155 votes
answered by eth 12 votes

What number of confirmations is considered secure in Ethereum?

In Bitcoin, 6 confirmations are considered secure (very low probability of transaction/block reversal). What is the current number in Ethereum?

transactions security blockchain bitcoin confirmations  
asked by eth 57 votes
answered by tayvano 38 votes

How are ethereum addresses generated?

What criteria does a valid ethereum address need to fulfil? Is it just a random number in hexadecimal? Or does it need to be derived in a specific way, according to some cryptographic algorithm? What ...

accounts addresses cryptography  
asked by max 110 votes
answered by tayvano 139 votes

Can you answer these questions?

History question: Left and Right padding

from: bytesNN types are padded on the right while uintNN / intNN are padded on the left. I would ...

history ethereum-design  
asked by ligi 1 vote

eth_getStorageAt params names

I am calling geth rpc method eth_getStorageAt using json-rpc-cpp libarary. I need to know the parameters' names for the method. I can find parameters' names for eth_sendTransaction from here, which ...

go-ethereum json-rpc  
asked by X.S. 1 vote
answered by Richard Horrocks 0 votes

How to setup an oracle in Vyper?

I need an ETH-USD price oracle for my vyper contract. So far, the oracle services I've found, like chainlink, are written in solidity. Is it possible to use a solidity oracle in a vyper contract? How ...

solidity oracles vyper  
asked by isomotic 1 vote
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